My book!

Since December 2015 Irene and I are working on writing a book about my life. The book will not only be about my life, but also about the life of Irene before we found each other. And from there, from the moment we share our lives that brought and still brings so much magic.

Belle About my Book

Of course I will keep everyone updated about the progress of the book, on my Facebook page and at my website. It will be quite an adventure (I love adventures!) and it would be great if I can share this with you all and feel your support.



  • Françoise Vranken

    Hahaha ben er geraakt. Ik heb Windows 10 en die deed vandaag de eerste update. Dit is nu klaar dus. Ben zo blij je hier weer te vinden. Groetjes en knuffeltjes en aaikes voor jullie allemaal.

  • Charlene Strysko

    Can’t wait to read it. Little Belle has such a wonderful story and I know lot’s would love to read it and hear about it. Belle will be so happy you finish it! ?❤️

  • Poi Poh Wong

    Dear Irene, is the book written in English ? I know you have stopped writing the book since Belle had cancer. Please take your time. You need time to heal your pain. XXX ❤❤❤

  • Carol Tesch

    looking forward to buying it and reading it. Such love.

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