The ultrasound of my heart

Today I had an appointment with a heart specialist for an ultrasound of my heart. In June 2015 we discovered that I have heart failure and since then I receive medication. The medication helps me a lot.

I had a checkup to see how my heart is at the moment. And… I am very happy to tell you that my heart is still very strong! I have the heart of a lioness!!
Only the heart valves were more thickened, but overall my heart is as strong as it was 7 months ago. Also, my heartbeat was very calm and powerful. The specialist was really impressed, she doesn’t see this often with little dogs like me and especially at my age. According to her, I was an exception.
I remain a little wonder dog!

In this picture I was sitting (together with Irene) in the waiting room of the clinic just before our appointment.

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