Little Belle’s Magic Fund

Dear friends,

This is the first update of Little Belle’s Magic Fund that I write without Belle physically by my side. Although it’s really hard with a lot of emotions flowing, I want to hold on to the beautiful thought and heartwarming feeling of your amazing love and support of my wonderful little girl.

The name of her fund is for a reason, the magic that Belle creates and spreads around the world is beyond amazing. I feel such an enormous gratitude to all of you who donated to help her and to help other animals in need. The same applies to all of you who sent Belle her special food that she needed so much for her health. I just can’t find the words to thank you all, I hope you all know how much this meant, and still means, to Belle, me and the rest of our family.


The last update was in December 2016.
Since then, the total amount of donations is: $ 6.234,16 (€ 5.216,43)
> 30% of the donations goes to Bianca shelter = $ 1.870,27 (€ 1.564,95)
Total expenses (including donation to Bianca): $ 5.818,85 (€ 4.868,92)
At the moment left on Fund account: $ 415,30 (€ 347,51)

About a week before our journey in Portugal, we asked if people would like to make a 100% donation to Bianca, and the response was overwhelming… Because of the extra donations, we can transfer a total amount of € 3.051,65 to Bianca! Thank you so much! Soon, I will share with you where the donations will go to.

Of course, I want to keep it open and transparent to all donors, so also this time Suzana Narat from Australia and Stéphanie Lecoutre from Belgium checked all the finances and related documents again and they confirmed everything is in order. I will attach their reactions below this post. Thank you so much for your help again, Suzana and Stéphanie.

This ongoing fundraiser was made for Little Belle end of September 2015, to help her with her special food from the U.S. and with her medical care. The idea of a fund for Little Belle was based on requests from so many of her friends from all over the world and this was the start of an amazing amount of support with helping Belle with her food and medical care.


In memory of Little Belle, we established a very special foundation: Little Belle’s Magical Sanctuary. Together we will continue with her mission; to help the dogs in need, to give a home to the old(er) dogs, and dogs who are sick or differently abled. I know Belle would want many other dogs to experience what she did for over 6 years after 12 years of severe suffering. To finally live life to the fullest with love, joy, happiness, and lots of magic!

When everything is arranged for the foundation, we will write a new update. Until then her Magic Fund will stay open because friends asked for this which is so very heartwarming. Your donations will go to Little Belle her canine family to help them with their care. And of course, as we always did, 30% of the donations will go to Bianca Association in Portugal, the organization that saved Belle. 

Little Belle her legacy lives on through all of us and she will keep inspiring us with her strong warrior spirit. Her passion for life, love, hope, and magic is a never ending story.

Thank you for all your love, compassion and support! Together we can create miracles 

Irene, Little Belle’s mom
August 30, 2017




Dear Irene,

As always I am glad to help you, Belle and your family and I am happy to continue if my help is required in the future.

As always you are very thorough in everything you do, also in your accountancy. As usual, everything is very transparent, food, vet bills, homeopathic bills and also a clear list of the donations and how and where they get spent. Belle was a lucky girl to have you as a mom and her magic and spirit and love lives on through all of us and will keep helping others in need like her trough Belle her trust funds.

I am very proud and happy to be part of the big Little Belle family and grateful for the trust you put in me.

With love to you and Belle and your beautiful family,
Stéphanie Lecoutre

Dear Irene,

I hereby inform you that I have read and matched the invoices, receipts, statements and all documents relating to this matter you have sent.
I have found that all mentioned is truthful and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Suzana Narat.

My personal note to all:

Just a little note to all of you, involved in this very important matter. I have been honored by Raadshooven family in trusting me to overview the Fund. Furthermore, I was given a wonderful opportunity to follow Little Belle’s journey as a friend and admirer of intelligent, selfless, tireless, compassionate and loving family. Little Belle has a legacy, and will continue with her new foundation, her Sanctuary, which I am very fond of and have no objection for the remaining amount to be transferred from this Fund to the new foundation.
I have to admit, this time was a little bit more, can I say heavier to my heart, for me, to do the financial review, as Little Belle is not with us anymore. I needed a little bit more time to collect my thoughts, but with her beautiful spirit around me and the knowledge that her inspiration lives on I have diligently and of sound and determined mind completed given task. And I am if you, Irene wish, happy to continue checking the finances.
I am applauding once again all the people donating, you have made such a difference to a very important cause through wholeheartedly helping Irene to succour and aid Little Belle’s health, helping her to have better quality of life, supporting her in a quest for better world, better understanding of importance of being kind to all sentient beings, to love and respect one another. Little Belle had, and continues to spread a goodwill among us and I for one salute and commend Irene and Raadshooven family for dedication and tenacity. I can feel the eternal gratitude and gentle words of thank you for everything from the Little Belle in heaven.

Yes, and also a big, big thank you from me to all of you and, please, if you are able and have the opportunity, do continue supporting this remarkable cause.  Every little bit helps.

Yours sincerely
Suzana Narat

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