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I love to share with you the story of a very special little man, his name was Woody and he was a strong part of our family. Sadly he was a very short time in our lives, but he will be part of our family and in our hearts forever.  Please read his story, you will be inspired!

Late November 2013 Irene saw a very special dog on Facebook. His name was Oldy because he was a nearly  16-year-old male who was found on the streets in Romania. Irene contacted the foundation that brought him under attention and Oldy was just in a foster home, but he could only stay there until the weekend. Irene said that she wanted to adopt him, for he has touched her deeply in her heart click this.

It was December 8th 2013 at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, the place where Irene met him for the first time in real life and felt him in her arms, it were magical moments. Irene wanted to give him a stronger name and when she saw him, she knew his name would be Woody. He immediately captured Irene her heart. Woody was a very special strong little big man who enjoyed the intense warmth and love here with the whole family.

On December 23, Woody his left eye popped out and he urgently needed an operation where they removed his eye.  It were very rough times, but Woody recovered very well. He blossomed, such a joyful little man! He enjoyed being outside very much, the exploring and walking together, and he could be very fast! His way of running was quite funny with his hind legs sticking out.

He loved driving with the car, always so interested in what was going on outside, so much to see in the world!

The bond between Irene and Woody grew and grew … his confidence in her was so beautiful and very moving. He had so much fun playing with her and then he could do a beautiful play bow. Irene always had to laugh about this and then he became even more happier…  He could lay down fully relaxed in Irene her arms were she could feel his warmth and softness. She felt an intense love for him and we all did.

After 7 weeks of being together, living together, experiencing so much love, joy and happiness together, Woody suddenly became very sick… Irene had to make the very hard decision, while he was under anesthesia, to let him go, to avoid any more suffering for him. It was one of the most difficult decisions ever. On one hand Irene wanted to say goodbye while he was awake, but in her heart she felt that would be selfish. So with a lot of pain, but with all the love she felt for him, she let him go…

We are very happy and grateful that Woody had been in our lives. Although it was way too short, we all wished it would have been much longer, he intensely enjoyed his new life with us. And do you know what his special gift was to Irene? A few days after he died, he told her to go painting, a wish she had for a long time, but she never took that final step. Woody gave her the strength to begin with painting, a beautiful gift she will never forget.

While writing this, Irene has tears in her eyes… so many wonderful memories of Woody… that are invaluable; you are forever in our hearts dear Woodyman ♥



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